Guangzhou Fuyi Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou, a liquid separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known centrifuge manufacturing enterprises, founded by Mr. Sun Fuyi. Main disc centrifuge, three-legged centrifuge, flat centrifuge, horizontal spiral centrifuge, disc separator, tube separator, juice separator, complete sets of sewage treatment equipment, printing wastewater treatment equipment, oil and water separator, Solid-liquid separator, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, sludge dewatering equipment, decubitus decanter centrifuge, we have more than 50 years focused on the separation of equipment manufacturing and liquid-solid separation solutions for nearly 30,000 companies worldwide to provide professional filtration Separation of equipment and liquid-solid separation solutions consulting services and consulting services. We are entrusted with the great mission of providing worldwide customers with high-quality filtration and separation equipment and professional solution for liquid-solid separation. In May 2003, Mr. Sun Fuyi obtained the patent of tubular separators from the State Intellectual Property Office Patent No .: ZL 00 1 23058. 1), since 2005, a group of rich into a "tube separator" national standard drafting unit. From the beginning of its creation to today, the company has helped tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to solve the liquid-solid separation process problems, to avoid small and medium-sized industrial production expansion risk, improve product quality and reduce market risk.

  • Free home, free training

    We offer systematic technical training for your operators free of charge on our own initiative twice a year.

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  • Ask a question , Quick solution

    The province reply within 2 hours, 4 hours to propose solutions, on-site treatment within 24 hours.

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  • Tailored, products and services

    According to your actual needs, for you to choose the appropriate separation technology and equipment, according to your request for the feasibility of equipment changes.

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  • One year warranty, life-long service

    My company for the sale of products to provide one-year warranty and lifetime free after-sales service, free equipment maintenance services twice a year.

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company's product
50 years of hard work
Found China's separation of equipment preferred brand
  • 50 years brand precipitation

    Founded in the 1980s, the company covers an area of ​​more than 60 acres, plant and office buildings more than 13,000.
    Mr. Sun Fuyi, chairman of the company has more than 50 years of separator R & D experience.
    Achieved 28000 high-speed separation technology, with dozens of national patents.

  • Standard setter

    China tubular separator operating standards drafting and development of units, and participate in a variety of centrifuge standards drafting.
    We focus on the R & D and manufacturing of centrifugal separation technology and equipment, and provide centrifugal separation equipment and solutions for tens of thousands of domestic and foreign customers.

  • Well-equipped

    With all kinds of large-scale production equipment 300 sets, and has a perfect physics and chemistry experiment center, nondestructive testing laboratory and speeding laboratory.
    The company has an independent import and export rights, the current equipment exported to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries

  • Tailor-made program

    Focused on solid-liquid separation solutions for 50 years, it has provided professional services to nearly 30,000 companies worldwide.
    Professional product application technicians tailor-made for you to filter separation equipment solutions to solve the problem of separation, one-stop service allows you to peace of mind.

Company history

Famous domestic centrifuge manufacturing brand.
China's first high-speed tube separator designer Mr. Sun Fuyi created.
Since 2005, Guangzhou Fuyi has become the exclusive drafting unit of the national standard "Tube Separator".

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