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Guangzhou, a liquid separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known centrifuge manufacturing enterprises, founded by Mr. Sun Fuyi. We are entrusted with the great mission of providing worldwide customers with high-quality filtration and separation equipment and professional solution for liquid-solid separation. In May 2003, Mr. Sun Fuyi obtained the patent of tubular separators from the State Intellectual Property Office Patent No .: ZL 00 1 23058. 1), since 2005, a group of rich into a "tube separator" national standard drafting unit. From the beginning of its creation to today, the company has helped tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to solve the liquid-solid separation process problems, to avoid small and medium-sized industrial production expansion risk, improve product quality and reduce market risk.

In 2008, our company gradually implemented a strategic expansion and extended to other centrifuge products with three-legged centrifuge and tubular separator as the core. New products were introduced: new centrifuge products such as disc separators and decanter centrifuge, Fully open the whole series of sedimentation centrifuge product line (three-legged centrifuge, flat centrifuge , decubitus centrifuge, disc separator, tube separator, and other major categories of products). It provides the basis for the complete filtration separation solution.

With more than 50 years of experience in separation equipment manufacturing and liquid-solid separation solutions, we have provided consulting services and consultancy services for nearly 30,000 companies worldwide in specialized filtration separation equipment and liquid-solid separation solutions.

In recent years, the rapid development of the company, in order to carry out export business in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, respectively, the establishment of companies in Taiwan and Thailand, Malaysia set up agents. Let us help the whole company meet more separation problems, solve the separation problem!