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Disc separator

Disc separator by function can be divided into: solid-liquid separation type, solid, liquid, liquid three separate two ways.

Disc separator works: Is based on the equipment in the high-speed rotation is the centrifugal force generated in the centrifugal force in accordance with the different gravity of the material under different centrifugal force, the proportion of heavy solids deposited on the drum wall, through the PLC Control the solid and a small amount of liquid discharged from the machine. The light liquid flows along the outer conical surface of the disc toward the axis to the upper part and is discharged to the outside by the light liquid outlet to the center. So as to achieve the separation of solids and light liquid items purpose.

Disc separator is mainly used in the separation industry of dairy degreasing, mineral oil separation, vegetable oil separation, animal oil separation, biological fermentation separation, starch separation, antibiotic extraction and separation, beverage decontamination, removal of impurities in latex. My company at the same time according to the different nature of the customer's materials, different technology, separate design, manufacture of separator to meet customer needs.

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