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Tube separator

Tubular separator GF, GQ two series, such as the typical GQ series clarified tube separator, GF series of liquid, liquid separation tube separator.

Tube separator from the fuselage, transmission, drum, liquid tray, inlet bearing composition. The upper part of the drum is a flexible main shaft, the lower part is a damping floating bearing, the main shaft is connected with a connecting seat and a buffer and a passive wheel, the motor transmits the power to the driven wheel through the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel, Form a strong psychological force. Materials from the bottom of the inlet into the liquid, centrifugal force to force the liquid along the inner wall of the drum upward flow, and due to differences in liquid density of different components and stratification.


By tubular separator on the liquid impurities, to clarify the effect. Used to separate a variety of difficult to separate the suspension. Particularly suitable for the concentration of small viscosity, solid-phase particles fine, solid-liquid separation of solid-liquid less severe.