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Solid-liquid separator

Solid-liquid separation is an important unit operation and an important part of heterogeneous separation. It is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, metallurgy, energy and environmental protection.

The importance of solid-liquid separator :

In many production processes , the filtration and separation mechanism is one of the key equipment. The level of its technology, the quality of the direct impact on the merits of many processes to achieve industrial-scale production, the process of advanced and reliability, product quality , And energy consumption, environmental protection and other economic and social benefits.

Solid-liquid separator principle:

In principle , the solid-liquid separation process can be divided into two categories: First, sedimentation separation, the first filter separation. Therefore, the solid-liquid separator can also be divided into two categories: Filter: Frame filter, vacuum drum filter; Centrifugal: Filter centrifuge, centrifuge decanter.