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Three-legged centrifuge is currently on the market
Edit:Guangzhou Fuyi Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-11-20

With the gradual improvement of centrifugal separation technology, the technology of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge (hereinafter referred to Decanter centrifuge) and horizontal spiral filtration centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as filter) continue to mature and improve, in a very large, Three-legged centrifuges pose a serious marketplace threat of substitution.

First of all: In the work efficiency, whether decanter centrifuge or filter, which are continuous work, work efficiency than the three-legged centrifuge greatly increased.

Second: In the separation efficiency, decanter centrifuge and filter, because of its material and processing technology than the three-legged centrifuge has obvious advantages, the separation factor is much higher than the three-legged centrifuge , therefore, the separation efficiency than the three-legged Centrifuge increased about 2 to 3 times.

Third: the decanter centrifuge and filter technology window paper pierced the fierce market competition, imports of centrifuges have far been unable to maintain its super-profit hall. Many imported centrifuge manufacturers have dive prices. Some domestic manufacturers focus on technology development decanter centrifuge and filter high-end models such as the mastery of technology, but also made remarkable achievements. In the domestic market, intense competitions with imported manufacturers have started, and do not blind defeat.

Obviously this has been seen by domestic users, so consulting and trying out decanter centrifuges and filters has begun.

As China's domestic customers to use centrifuges, the vast majority of low-tech products because of their low profit margins, labor-intensive enterprises, therefore, can not be used in large areas decanter centrifuge and filter. Throughout the history of foreign centrifuge development, I boldly speculated that in the near 10 years, Decanter and filter decanter centrifuge will pose a more and more serious threat. It will split more than 40% of the three-legged centrifuge market.

Domestic, three-foot centrifuge as the main product of the manufacturer, if within 10 years can not upgrade the product line, and eliminate backward production capacity of products, 10 years later, the market will be extremely difficult living environment.