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Disc centrifuge

Disc separator also known as disc centrifuge , is a high efficiency, output, advanced automation equipment. Is suitable for containing a lower solids suspension, the proportion of small differences between the immiscible liquid separation, is the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products, beverage products and other industries essential equipment. Disc separator based on the degree of automation of the disc separator, disc separator can be divided into artificial Slag Discharge Machine ( DRY) and automatic Slag Disposer (DHC) two, at the same time in the automatic slagging disc Separator based on slagging different ways, can be divided into manual automatic slag discharge disc separator, also known as semi-automatic slag discharge disc separator, the other by the PLC system fully controlled disc separator called Automatic slag discharge disc separator. In accordance with the way of internal slag discharge nozzle slag separator and ring valve slag separator.

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