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Horizontal spiral centrifuge

Horizontal spiral centrifuge referred to Decanter centrifuge, it is an efficient centrifugal separation equipment. Decanter centrifuge generally divided into horizontal spiral filter centrifuge and horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge two.

Horizontal spiral centrifuge is to rely on the density difference between solid and liquid phase, under the action of centrifugal force, speed up the settling velocity of solid phase particles to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Centrifuge consists of two rotors, one called the drum, the other rotor is a screw unloader (referred to as the spiral). When the drum rotates at a high speed, the slurry in the drum rotates together with the drum and is subjected to centrifugal force. This centrifugal force is many times larger than the gravity, so that the solid particles will be separated from the liquid and from the axis of the drum of the centrifuge, To the inner wall of the drum, the auger unloader located in the drum rotates at a lower speed than the drum and pushes the deposited solid particles to the tap hole. The difference between the outer drum and the auger is dependent on the differential speed Gear ratio and speed.

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