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Sludge dewatering equipment, the eight major features
Edit:Guangzhou Fuyi Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-12-28

Sludge dewatering equipment is composed of upper and lower strained filter belt entrained with a layer of sludge, from a series of regularly arranged roller cylinder S -shaped through, rely on the tension of the filter belt to form the pressure on the sludge layer and shear Force, squeeze out the capillary water in the sludge layer to obtain a higher solids cake, in order to achieve sludge dewatering.

Sludge dewatering equipment structural characteristics

1 , mechanical performance is stable and reliable, can achieve 24 hours continuous production and operation, handling capacity, high output.

2 , the new dual-flow flocculation, dehydration, filter cake moisture content is very low, follow-up disposal easy and economical.

3 , advanced and reasonable structural design, long-term gravity filtration dehydration section, the use of vertical force on the pressure roller or pressing belt, a wide range of applications.

4 , the filtrate clean, easy to reuse, reduce secondary pollution.

5 , low flocculation fluid and kinetic energy consumption.

6 , the whole anti-corrosion, easy to operate, maintain, easy maintenance.

7 , automatic operation control, high quality spare parts long life.

8 , low cost, high efficiency.

Now on the market there are many sludge dewatering equipment , but the difference is that the equipment is used in different industries inside, not all of the sludge treatment can use the same equipment, you can achieve the treatment effect. We Guangzhou Fu one sludge dewatering equipment

Suitable for a variety of sludge dewatering, and, the amount of treatment and treatment effects are very satisfactory.

Our sludge dewatering equipment centrifuge, in sludge dewatering has some advantages:

There is a lot of processing power, the equipment is fully automatic cycle, do not need too much manual operation. When dealing with sludge, do not need cumbersome process, it is not allowed to add any chemical auxiliary. The cost of equipment, our sewage treatment equipment is relatively low.