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Three-axis centrifuge in use need to pay attention to what issues?
Edit:Guangzhou Fuyi Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-12-28

There are many types of centrifuges, different centrifuges used in the process of disorderly different, you want to make your three-legged centrifuge use more long, the following to give you a brief introduction:

Tripod centrifuge maintenance and care

1 , Where a power outage is clogged by a centrifuge, the centrifuge is particularly lightweight (as usual, the clockwise deviation is usually ignored).

2 , the operation of the centrifuge strictly limit any items into the drum, so as to avoid injury

3 , after the event should be promptly configured clean, clean and sanitary configuration, the surrounding environment clean.

4 , once the configuration of the birth of a very functional, stop checking immediately.

Need to be careful when using a three-legged centrifuge:

1 , Turn on the power, the drum rotates clockwise (from rest to normal speed of about 40 to 60 seconds).

2 , Turn off the power switch, centrifuge non-explosion-proof position can be with gap brakes, remember disposable brakes ; centrifuge need proof rod need to trial frequency control centrifuge.

3 , there is no fundamental centrifuge must provide the basic map of the basic furniture.

4 , add 8 to 10 layers of filter paper in the centrifuge room , put the filter cloth, turn on the machine, wash the cloth and blunt body with water, repeat three times, and then centrifuge the liquid.

Three-legged centrifuge because the bottom of the support for the three column legs, arranged in the form of an equal triangle named.

Three-legged centrifuge is a versatile centrifuge. Starting from the first centrifuge, widely used in all walks of life, high visibility. Its good shock resistance, simple structure, easy operation. Because of its bottom support for the three column legs, arranged in the form of an equal triangle named.

Three-legged centrifuge is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which mainly separates and removes the solid in the liquid or separates the liquid in the solid. The general low speed, separation accuracy is not high, usually we outline it as a rough typing equipment, suitable for processing larger solids, less clear liquid clarity material requirements. Often it is used as a tube separator or disc separator front treatment equipment.

According to the different working principle, three-legged centrifuge can be divided into three types of filter centrifuge (SS) and three-legged centrifuge (SC) two. Depending on the type of discharge, can be divided into the upper discharge centrifuge and the lower discharge centrifuge two. According to the different structural features, can be divided into ordinary centrifuge ( SS / SC ), hanging bag centrifuge ( SD ), scraper centrifuge ( SG ).