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Sludge dewatering equipment feeding operation instructions
Edit:Guangzhou Fuyi Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-01-12

Sludge sludge treatment equipment can not be separated without the help of sludge , it is not only large capacity, high efficiency and simple operation, saving manpower and resources, so loved by all, as long as the operation in accordance with the formal operation, sludge The efficiency of dehydration must let you shines, today we come to talk about how to properly feed sludge in the process.


For sludge do not have to explain I also know that we all know its characteristics, in the process of building a beautiful home, the existence of sludge is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery blemishes, so sludge cleaning urgent, the amount of sludge in the city also Larger, and the sludge sticky, easy to knot lump after drying, if not sludge treatment machine, then it is still more difficult to deal with. It is also because of the special nature of the sludge, to deal with more attention, from feeding to the discharge of each step must be carefully not only for the production of high efficiency but also to ensure the safety of the operation process.

Dosing is the first step in the treatment of sludge, the beginning of the work done well, a lot easier next steps, feeding is not simply put the sludge into the dehydration equipment even if it is done, but according to the specifications of dehydration equipment strictly formulated for delivery Adjust the feed rate according to the dehydration rate so that the equipment is always in efficient operation because the amount and speed of feed will have a significant impact on subsequent dehydration operations. If put blindly, excessive equipment overloading will work, damage to the machine, the amount of equipment will result in a waste of resources.

There is to be prepared before feeding, dehydration equipment inspection work to be done, the power switch, the host electrical box, the size of gears, lubrication devices, etc., be prepared to work in order to ensure that equipment failure, improve Work efficiency. Of course, in addition to the preparatory work to check the equipment there is the gatekeeper on the sludge raw materials, sludge can be pre-impurity treatment, the role of natural wind can reduce the water content, so that dehydration can reduce sludge dewatering equipment The workload, speed up work, reduce energy consumption, serve two purposes.